Here at R.E.C. we treat workers like family. Since the beginning, the owners of REC have worked hand in hand with employees to grow the company into the well-established organization it is today. Many employees decide to stay with R.E.C. for many years because they know that they are valued and respected here. Some have even been here since the beginning because they truly feel at home here. We maintain a strong, supportive working environment by encouraging teamwork, innovation, and open communication.

Careers Page

R.E.C. is an excellent company to work for because:

  1. We are leaders in our industry and have a loyal clientele base both locally and regionally.
  2. We welcome new ideas. We encourage you to try new things and discover better ways to serve our clients.
  3. We want you to grow. REC provides the resources you need to excel, whether that is cutting-edge equipment or certified skills-training programs.
  4. We take care of our workers. We continually reward hard work and offer a competitive benefits package.

Find your home at R.E.C. today!

We are constantly looking for dedicated workers. If you are interested in applying for a position not listed below, please email your resume to and let us know what you are interested in.

We are currently hiring for the following positions in:

College Station, TX

San Antonio, TX