Application Terms and Conditions

This application does not guarantee employment. As noted above, our ability to hire you is based on R.E.C Industries, Inc.’s need for employment at time of application. No material contained within our webpage, this application, a formal employment application, or the grantings of an interview, should be construed as a promise of employment.

This application for employment shall be considered active for a period of time not to exceed 180 days. Any applicant wishing to be considered for employment beyond this time period should inquire as to whether or not applications are accepted at that time. While R.E.C. Industries, Inc. tries to maintain confidentiality, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of the information you have provided. We will only share this information with trusted sources within our company, but this information is not encrypted.

I certify that answers given herein are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application for employment as may be necessary in arriving at an employment decision.

I understand that I may be required to successfully complete a pre-employment physical examination conducted by a company-authorized physician and that I may be required to successfully complete a pre-employment drug screening after a job offer of employment has been made.

If you do not understand or agree with any item discussed above, do not complete this application. You may call the Human Resources Administrator at (979) 776-8245 ext 100 to further discuss your concerns.